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By Clara Vostrovsky Winlow, John Goss

Throughout the tale of Hanno, a boy of Carthage, we achieve perception into the Carthaginians, a state of sea-farers and investors, who collected lots wealth and tool that they turned Rome's arch enemy. We stick to Hanno on a voyage to the Tin Islands and the Baltic, then on a sequence of adventures at domestic in Carthage, and at last his exploits with Hannibal in Spain and Italy.

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But in this," and she turned to the exquisite gown of Persian silk interwoven with linen and dyed in the renowned Tyrian purple, which, however, in this case was of a decided bluish cast. "In this—you will dispute with our greatest Goddess Tanith some of the glory of our sky. Will you—" Without allowing Lissa to finish, Kada arose. "Give me that," she said, pointing to the silk. "To-day is a day of rejoicing, and my gayest attire is none too gay. And, here—I want none of these trinkets. " When these had been brought she looked them over impatiently, finally selecting three necklaces, one of small pearls to be worn just under the chin, another of finely wrought gold, and the third, to hang lowest, of queer beads and amulets, among these later one representing the eye of the Egyptian god Osiris.

So real had his game been to him, Hanno gave a frightened jump aside, only to meet the laughing face of his big uncle. "You haven't anything to fear yet," his uncle remarked. "Why, we haven't even come to our own settlement of Gadeira 2 where we are to spend the night. After that, well, even after that, he who has his wits about him need fear nothing. " Both laughed. Then his uncle said: "If all goes well at the Tin Islands (Cassiterides) we may try just that sort of thing. The man who gets to a place first is the one that makes the money.

However, bring my new dresses that I may choose between them. Hold them better," she continued almost impatiently as Lissa extended them before her. "I don't wonder you hesitate," said Lissa slowly. "In this," and she nodded to the robe in her right hand, "you will look like a Goddess of the Mist, a bringer of dreams," and she paused and shook the folds of the wonderfully soft, white and transparent Egyptian muslin, delicately embroidered with lotus blossoms. "But in this," and she turned to the exquisite gown of Persian silk interwoven with linen and dyed in the renowned Tyrian purple, which, however, in this case was of a decided bluish cast.

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