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On the matter of defining faith, for instance, there developed two opposing views in the Sunni camp. One group, associated with the Hanafi school of law and supported by the Maturidi school of theology, essentially defined faith as knowledge to the exclusion of acts. According to the other view, upheld by the Hanbali school of law and Ashʿari theology, and also reflected in the canonical collections of Sunni hadith, faith would also require the inclusion of acts. This latter view has also become known as Sunni traditionalism.

Indeed, for several decades until 848, Muʿtazilism was the official doctrine of the Abbasid court. However, by the latter decades of the ninth century, Muʿtazilism had become increasingly pro-ʿAlid, and its theological doctrines left permanent influences on Zaydi, Imami Ithnaʿashari and Ismaili Shiʿism. Emphasizing rationalism, in the sense that a certain awareness is accessible to man by means of his intelligence alone in the absence of or in addition to any revelation, the early Muʿtazilis became known for five principles on which they had reached a consensus of opinion.

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