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By Takamaro Shigaraki

In his Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path, Takamaro Shigaraki examines Shin Buddhism anew as a realistic direction of religious development and self-transformation, tough checks of the culture as a passive faith of mere religion. Shigaraki offers the center topics of the Shin Buddhist direction in clean, enticing, down-to-earth language, contemplating each one frankly from either secular and non secular views. Shigaraki discloses a nondual natural Land that unearths philosophical kinship with Zen yet has been little mentioned within the West. With its unassuming language and insights drawn from a lifetime of perform, Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path dispels the fog of false impression that has shrouded Western appreciation of Shin traditions to bare the unlimited gentle of Amida Buddha that reaches all.

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We must seek to stand at the point of intersection of the vertical axis of self-responsibility and the horizontal axis of the universal principle of the Dharma. If we do so our lives will become focused on seeing things with the eyes of wisdom and awakening. Buddhism teaches us that a life of awakening is the ideal way to live as a person of the world and a member of the human race. Aim of Buddhist Teaching Buddhist teaching is intended to enable us to cultivate this kind of awakening within ourselves.

What does this mean? Let us return to our earlier discussion of the tulip. Whenever we look at a tulip, we do so in a self-centered way. ” However, if we abandon our self-centered egos and come to realize “non-self” or “great self,” then we will see the tulip by entering into the tulip itself. We will see the tulip by taking in the life of the tulip and becoming the tulip itself. ” Stating it conversely, we can truly see all things when we become “great self” and take all things as ourselves, enveloping them all.

I believe that this must be the fundamental understanding of Amida Buddha in Shin Buddhism. Jinen Shinran’s understanding of Amida Buddha can be seen in his grasp of the word jinen, about which I’ll say more below. 2 The Chinese characters , when read as “jinen,” have a very special meaning. In particular, Shinran indicates here that both ji and nen reveal transcendent truth or ultimate value. ” In terms of the illustration of the finger and the moon, jinen would correspond to the moon. Amida Buddha, on the other hand, clarifies this transcendent truth, or ultimate value, which is without color or form, so that we may be able to understand it.

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