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In tlie :ruturm of 1839, Louis Philippe and his Prime t{inister, Soult, refused to contemplate auied military action to compel the Ilgyptians to cvscuat€ Syris. 0,Soult \ras replaced by Thiers, and the anti-British fcclinE in I'oris wss intensiff€d. new llcxander' lvho could not ersily bc dislodgedby Brirish action. wcr'the arlantcst humbus,. |{'asreody to bring iD a ne\t lburpover treaty. Russian initiative had steded the t€lks in the previous Septemberbut, since then, discussionstrad gonc almost entirely Britni s way.

He saw Austri& in future possessionof Serbia,Macedonia and Thrace, while Russia took Constantinople, leaving Britain as a bystander, unabl€ to intederc. The pedod between 1883 and 1838 was certainly one o? suspicion and mistr'ust or armed peace - in Anglo-Russian relations. Palmerston did indeed adopt a fumly sntiRussian outlook at this tim€. But it is important to rccognize that he was markedly less s1'rnpethetic to Turkey &nd less militant towsrds Russia than were B tish agents on the spot. In his view Turkey wes not yet, if indeed she ever could be, milita ly stmng emugh to be a completely reliable British ally.

Firstly, if Egypt were allowed oo PALMERSTON'S POLICY to acquire Slti&, this would not necessarily threaten Britsin's overland rcute to India via the Euphmtes and the Pelsiar Gulf. 'Turkey is a good This route could rernsin in Turkish hands, and occupier of the loute to India'. ia and thereby thtatening the EuphDtes rcute, he was far morc 1'uln€rable to sea-borne attack then was Russia. The fleet could land B tish troops in Palestine to attack his lines of communication, and Alexendria could be bombarded.

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